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We build this matchmaking website to offer free and pay dating options for single men of the whole world, that want to date single girls.

To know and understand which kind of services we offer for single foreign men, you must read the following lines: 

We offer two different options to search for single ladies. We offer our own matchmaking system for free and also pay option thanks to our partnership with local dating agencies of Ex Soviet countries, known today as CIS Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other ones. The free option is good if you don’t have money to invest, but it has fewer features and we do not guarantee success due different circumstances, the most important is that free membership has less girls members, because they search for real relationships and want to avoid scam and stalkers. The pay option is better, because most of the sexy and single women looking for serious dating prefer this option. 

Most of the services that we offer for free or pay are based over internet. Which are the most common services?

Online Services

  • Profile Posting. You can post your profile for free, so the single ladies can read your profile (know if you meet her necessities) and watch your picture (please is important this, upload a picture of you).
  • Winks. A simple way to contact the girl that you like if you don’t know what to say
  • Messages. It is the most common approach to contact a woman of our dating agency, as you can do it in other web dating agencies. 
  • Chat. The old fashion way to contact a girl online. Not all ladies of Soviet or CIS Countries have a computer in their house but some of them have access to a computer so you can chat online with them (previous coordination). 
  • Video Chat. New technologies allow more interaction. Nowadays some of these girls have access to computers with video cameras, so if you have a computer with video camera in your house, you can coordinate a video chat and see the girl that you like live, yes live. See her smile, hear her voice, and see that she is true!
  • Translation Services. Some of the girls have some English levels (most of them basic or intermediate), so if you need a help of a translator the agencies that work with us, offer them for fee so you can communicate with the ladies and understand what they say and what they want.



Tour Services

Some of our agency partners offer the possibility of travelling to Russia or Ukraine or other CIS country like Belarus and meet the girl or girls that you want to know more.  What kind of Tour services they offer? They offer Visa service to make easier your trip and also offer rent apartment or hotel to make easier your lodging. The tours allow men to meet for real the girls that saw in the online web agency or to meet new ladies.