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Casual Dating in a Serious Way
Nov 10, 2012

Dating someone is a cute feeling, often considered as one of the serious pastime of your life. Whether it is for serious relationship or for casual bond, if done with complete care and dedication, it can never let you down. And sometimes people actually find love of their life through a virtual dating system. 

Obviously the term dating has taken new dimensions in this modern world to maintain its scale with the new generation. This is the time when online dating is gaining popularity especially among the western users. The most searched beauties on the net still remains Ukrainian and Russian girls which are not only beautiful and hot but are too good in other pleasurable activities. The most mysterious things about these online sites are that they are free for girls but boys need to pay the charges for getting enrolled in it.  

Dating can be for different purpose also, decide on what you are looking for – serious or casual. If serious than for sure you need to take due care of the person you are about to date. Check your compatibility factor, understanding level, thinking level with that person and then decide on the future course. Since these things cannot be made out from online chatting and virtual talking, hence it is very important to find out that how the person is by meeting face to face. But if you are looking for something rather casual than you should show you’re chilled out attitude so that she doesn't get seriously into it. Spend some lighter moments with her and try to make her happy. If you are on the pre pact of making out on the first date then go ahead for it and enjoy the best time you could. 

If you are opting for something different from online dating, or more specifically aspiring for any random chic than for sure you need to act smart and wise before hitting on her. Try some ultra mindful pick up lines to impress her but do not act shrewdly as this will minimize your chances. Not only boys but even girls need to be selective and careful about the guys they are going to hang to. Don’t get flocked on their sweet talks as most of the boys talk sweet to flatter girls and take advantage of them. Sometime being materialistic is good, so try to be decisive at your first date itself, rather meeting again and again for undue reasons. 

Relationships are good until they become a lumber. In that case, it is better to have an open relationship in which either person is allowed to leave at any moment of time. You can be yourself and since no emotions are involved in it, it doesn't hurt much when one person leaves the other one. This mutual consent is the best part of dating. And who knows you may get your prince charming or your lady love through casual dating. It is just the matter of sight which makes the difference rest it’s nothing.