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I never use before an online dating agency. They work?
We are in the dating arena since 2004, and we know lots of happy couples, that they know each other in online dating sites. We not only know couples of America or Latin America, we also know happy couples of Europe and especially we know successfully stories Russian or Ukraine girls that marriage foreign man. 

Why Soviet Girls (mostly from Russia or Ukraine) want to meet foreign men?

There are a wide range of reasons why these girls want to meet foreign men. One of the most important reasons is the high percentage of single women compared to men. Believe or not, these countries has more single girls than single man so some girls think that the best option that they have, if they want to build a family is marrying a foreign men.

What I need in my online profile?

You need to be real and write a good profile. More you write more success you can have. Use correct grammar and avoid spelling mistakes.  Not use abbreviations, and tell in your profile interesting things about yourself. Don’t waste your time explaining stupid things, make your profile interesting, and remember that is your letter of presentation. Also upload a picture, but a good picture of you.  This picture must show that you are an interesting and serious man searching for his soul mate.

Which are the best features or tools to be more successfully?

The best tools to use if you want to be successfully are the message system and the video chat system.  When you use the message system, please take care about the grammar and spelling. If you use the video chat option, also take care about how you express and the words you use, and also take care about your corporeal presence, remember that they are watching you. Prepare this video chat date as a real dating. 

Why the girl that I contact does not response my messages?

When you send a message to a girl, two options can take place. Option one, the girl receives your message, read your profile but you don’t meet her requirements, so she decides to not answer your message.  Option two she receives the message but she is not more single, because she met someone but she forgot to cancel her membership. So if you now receive response,  continue searching for more ladies.

I need to pay?

We offer two options. A free option where you can contact for free (you must be aware about scam because we check the profiles but we don’t know each girl with accuracy). The pay option, that we develop with our dating partner. With this option you have the possibility to meet more beautiful girls and their profiles are check by an anti scam department. 

What happens if I have more questions and the answers are not here in this page?

You can use the feedback system to write to use. I we don’t have the answers to your questions we will contact our dating partner.