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Moldova Tips to vist your Girls
Dec 03, 2013

You met a girl from Moldova in an online dating and you want to know information about her country? We share in the following paragraphs interesting information for you:

If you are going through a map of Europe, you might take a while before you can locate the small land locked country of Moldova. It's located in the Eastern part of Europe, packed between Romania and Ukraine. It was earlier part of Romania & the language spoken by the locals is Moldovian which is quite similar to Romanian in many ways. The main difference between both languages really is in the pronunciation.

Even though the country isn't very well known, the capital city of Chisinau is quite beautiful and can easily be considered as a place worth visiting at least once in your life. And if you make the trip to Moldova, you might as well visit a couple of other cities as well like Tsipova (a well known rock monastery) and Orchei Vechi (where the terrain changes from step lands to rocky mountains).

The city of Chisinau is filled with bars and clubs and there are also some extremely beautiful parks and very interesting people you can meet. The country was part of the Soviet Union at one time and therefore, a lot of the people here can speak Russian as well. English is taught at many schools & universities as well.

There are quite a few museums located in Chisinau as well including a museum of Archeology & Ethnography, National Museum of Fine Arts and the museum of Natural History.

Moldova is best known for its wine. And the wine isn't that expensive either. This is the reason why Moldova supplies wine to many parts of Europe and the former Soviet Union.

If you visit Moldova there are a few attractions which you absolutely have to visit. One of them is the Milestii Mici which is a connection of more than 200 kilometers of underground roadways and is known as the largest wine collection in the world. You should also visit Cricova, Purcari, Capriana Monastery and Orheiul Vechi if you want to have a complete trip.

There are many options which you can exercise to reach Moldova. Here are a few details for foreigners planning a visit.

There are many options available for staying in Moldova. You can get apartments, hostels, mid-range and top-end hotels, etc. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find accommodation in Moldova. Although if you don't speak any of the local languages, you may have a little trouble speaking with the owners of some of these establishments.

There are quite a few air connections available from Moldova to many international airports including Moscow, Munich, Vienna, Timisoara, Istanbul, Budapest, Bucharest, Kiev, etc. The national airline is called Air Moldova although you can even obtain cheap tickets on Lufthansa when booking from Munich.

Taking the train is a much cheaper option than flying and is a quite common choice. There are trains that make daily trips from neighboring Ukraine and Romania.

You can also enter Moldova by bus or car. There are frequent buses between Chisinau and Kiev, Bucharest and most Ukrainian & Romanian cities. There are more than 5 buses that run every day from Bucharest.

There isn't a shortage of connectivity and if you can combine your trip with a visit to neighboring Ukraine and the Black Sea, you will not be disappointed.