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About Minsk Tour to meet Girls
Dec 03, 2013

If searching for love, you found a girl that lives in Minsk we provide here some important information about the city, that you must know.

Minsk is a city which has been reconstructed mostly by the Soviet Union after it was all but demolished during the Second World War. There are numerous memorials around the city that mark the bloody history of the city. Still, the city has many small pockets of history and religion that can make it an ideal holiday destination for most adventure seekers.

First, let’s take a look at a couple of things to see in Minsk:

1. Dudutki- This is an open-air museum located in the southern Minsk. You will get a glimpse of country life in Belarus when visiting this museum. You can also see some of the traditional arts and craft of the country in this museum. There is a lot for you to see in Dudutki. You can even go and climb a windmill or ride a horse. No matter what, you just have to try a traditional meal here as well.

2. Trinity Suburb- This suburb is built on a settlement which dates back to the twelfth century. This suburb is also known as Troitskoe Prdemstye and is quite a popular destination among tourists. It is also called Old Town. This name is derived from the look & feel of this place. It's also filled with bars, cafes and restaurants and is definitely worth a visit.

3. Narachansky National Park- This Park was established in 1999 and is located within Minsk. It is most famous because of its multiple well-stocked lakes. The park also has the largest amount of pine found in the whole country. While fishing is quite popular here, it's also known for its 18 sanatoria & recuperation centers.

4. KGB Headquarters- If you visit the KGB headquarters, the first thing you will notice is the bust of Cheka founder Felix Dzerzhinsky. The headquarters is in the middle of the city & till date remains the headquarters for the secret police of Belarus. Just remember not to click any photographs as you might get arrested and your cameras confiscated.

When it comes to stay, you can get almost everything from hotels to apartments. You can try Hotel Minsk or the Crowne Plaza Hotel for a delightful stay. These hotels also prepare guests for travelling within the city and advise them on the various do's and don’ts for tourists to keep in mind.

In terms of transport, Minsk is quite a busy city considering it's located in the eastern side of Europe. It is quite easy to reach the city and even public transportation within city limits is quite cheap. You can also reach the city by air on Belavia, their national airline. Minsk has 2 airports and there are many buses and taxis available which will take you to all areas of the city at a reasonable rate. You can even reach the city on a bus from nearby cities like St. Petersburg or Riga. There are even rail lines from Warsaw, Odessa, Moscow and Vienna which you can hop on. So what are you waiting for? There's nothing stopping you from visiting Minsk.