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Tips For First Dating with Odessa Girls
Mar 10, 2013


The first date with a girl from Odessa is potentially the most important part of a relationship because it is the part that nobody ever forgets.  It is the ‘make it or break it’ moment; someone can give out a great first impression that would make their date want to see them again, or they can mess up big time.  It is therefore extremely nerve-wracking  because one false move can ruin a potentially great partnership.  Whether your first date is one with somebody you were attracted to or a blind date that was set up by a friend, it is best to make the most of your time with someone who deserves it.  Here are a few tips to ensure a successful first date:


Agree On The Perfect Location in Odessa City

Many people take location for granted when picking out a spot for their first date. Remember that if this budding romance turns into a long-term relationship or even marriage, the location of your first date will be the most romantic place on earth.  So make it count! Pick a location where you will feel at ease with, a place that you will be comfortable enough to be yourself.  The first date should include a lot of conversation because you will be learning more about the person and vice versa.  So a wise decision would be somewhere that is quiet enough to talk, but happening enough to talk about the surroundings in case you are having a hard time finding conversation topics.  Some great ideas include: a park, a quiet beach, a restaurant.


Look Your Best

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Unfortunately, when it comes to first dates it is one of those calendar events when you have to dress for success.  Do your hair, rock that outfit, jump into your best shoes, brush your teeth and slap on some quality perfume.  This is one thing you can’t get wrong.  Appearance should never be the most important part of the relationship, but attraction between two people carries a lot of weight in a relationship – especially right at the beginning.  If you can look stunning at first glance, you will never have to try that hard ever again.  It is unnecessary to overdo it, but it is vital to get it just right.


Be A Good Listener

A great conversationalist knows when to talk, what to talk about, and when to listen.  The objective of a first dating with girls is to know whatever necessary about this certain individual, in order to find out if there is some level of connection and compatibility with each other.  It is therefore better to spend more time listening about your date than talking about yourself.  Ask questions that will help you understand the type of person they are, their hometown, family, their likes, pet-peeves, allergies, etc.  Attempt to shine through personality, so that you will be given a shot at a 2nd date.  There’s very little pressure on the 2nd date, especially in comparison to the first.

Although trying to impress your date is the main aim of the game, your best behavior should be the real you at your best.  Do not lie about things you like and things you do not like.  Stay true to yourself and show a quality date what a quality person you are!